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Dear students, parents, teachers, and guardians,

Our vision at Chumbaka is for all children to have the right skillsets and values to navigate the changing future. As such, we hope that our students will have a fruitful learning experience together with their peers throughout the sessions.

We aim to lead a respectful, conducive, and disciplined class for our students. To achieve this, we have established a few simple policies. You and your child are responsible for complying with these policies upon signing up for our Classes.

⏲️ Last updated on 17 Oct 2022


<aside> ❗ This document, in combination with your enrolment into our class, constitutes the entire agreement between you and Chumbaka. Other than specifically provided in a separate formal agreement between you and Chumbaka, these policies may not be altered or amended by the use of any other document(s).

This can also be obtained via chumbaka.asia/policies


Class Policies

Class Operations

About Our Classes

Our classes, programs, and courses may be updated without prior notice. For the latest course structure and details, please refer to our website at https://chumbaka.asia/.



We are closed on public holidays and our scheduled holidays.

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