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Who We Are

In Chumbaka Maker Club, our members embark on a journey of self-discovery that prepares them for the future workforce. Here, they work on personal projects that engage and build their skills, passion, and character.

Comprising students from ages 9 to 19, our Maker Club members are students who have completed all our tech courses and have decided to endeavour building their own portfolio and creating tech projects based on their own interests, together with their peers and mentors.

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Why We Matter

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The informal learning gained outside of the typical classroom through working on real projects is being highly recognized and valued by universities and companies nowadays.

The admissions department at MIT now accepts creative portfolios, as a way for students to showcase the projects they’ve worked on.

Companies like Apple and IBM also look beyond academic qualifications. When hiring, they consider candidates who have hands-on experience in working on real projects and demonstrated grit and strong work ethics.

Creative Portfolios | MIT Admissions

Apple, IBM, and Google don't care anymore if you went to college | Quartz

How Students Become Members

Meeting Our Requirements

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Upon completion of all Chumbaka's tech courses, our students have the opportunity to join the Maker Club.

At the beginning their journey in the Maker Club, members would have the rank of Youngling. As they gain and demonstrate their skills and capabilities (by explaining their projects in a viva), they rise up the ranks.